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OneVasc, 2018, Paris, France
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 A professional partner with a wild knowledge and expertise in CardioVascular environment, highly recognised by healthcare professionals, with more than 20 years of commercial experience in Baxter, Edwards LifeSciences, Abbott, Endologix companies.                                                                                                 Product distribution, Business plan creation, reimbursement support, organisation development, coaching, team development and motivation,…

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Recognised Competencies

Medical Device

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Product Launch / Reimbursement

Une valeur sûre pour les professionnels

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A Unique CardioVascular

Expertise and Network

ONEVASC gives you the opportunity to enter the cardiovascular market, connect to KOL, develop sustainable sales, create awareness of your concept/products/company, become known, have a precise and impactful targeting, develop and submit your reimbursement files, support you in business plan development, organization choice, coaching and motivation of your team,…




Stents / PTA / GW / VC


CPBP / Cannula / Cardiac Assistance / Monitoring

About Us

20 years of proven success and collaboration with cardiovascular teams !

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Highlight of AAA LiveCase using C02 as contrast medium (Thanks to Pr Gargiulo from Bologna University Hospital, OneView and Angiodroid)



Thanks To Our Partners

OneVasc vous présente ANGIODROID le seul concept d’injection de CO2 pour les angiographies diagnostiques ou thérapeutiques sans risque, controlé, intuitif, facile d’utlisation.

Angiodroid, VIA CASELLE, 76 – 40068                                                                                                                                                        SAN LAZZARO DI SAVENA (BO) – Italy


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